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From 10 december available in promotion from the classic tune of Seventies Years "Must be missing an Angel".

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This is a great party record and works the floor rather well, as soon as the melody kicks in its instantly recognizable. Many covers, especially well known commercial ones can easily very crap and ceesy but for me I think it’s a job well done. Nice and bouncy house music.!.

When I was the first time in Italy at the beginning of the 90s I figured out that this beautiful country gotta be one of Europes leading places for soulful dancemusic. The Italian label Mix2Inside has written 'Made in Italy' all over its productions and it's no surprise that their latest release with the beautiful voice of Karin Mensah is just another super soulful and silky production with a lot of driving beats. Bordin Stefano & Dario Igor, the guys behind Mix2Inside, produced a nice cover version of the Tavares classic with three pumping mixes to choose from ñ every single one done for the DJs and dancers' pleasure.

Mix2Inside aka Bordin Stefano & Dario Igor present this lovely cover version of the timeless Tavares classic featuring singer Karin Mensah who provides her own, soulful interpretation. On the 'Classic World Tunes Mix' they stay close to the original and give it a funky feeling while on the 'Soulful Wax Mix2Inside' Karen brings us her own interpretation over a smoothly stompin groove with warm keys. The 'Soul & Spoken Dub Mix' is the one for peakhour play with its pumpin' beat and spheric keys. Also included is the bonus track "Ohh baby (Bord's in Paris Version)".Mix 2 Inside feat. Karin Mensah
Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel


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