1. SODADE (L. Morais/A. Cabral) 5’09
2. ANGOLA (R. Mendes) 4’59
3. MISS PERFUMADO (B. Leza) 4’38
4. CARINHA DE BO MAE (traditional) 2’11
5. BIA LULUCHA (public domain) 5’03
6. PAPA JOACHIM PARIS (traditional) 4’28
7. SANGUE DE BEIRONA (traditional) 3’44
8. BO E DI MEU CRETCHEU (traditional) 3’47
9. RICKEZA E VALOR (G. Mendes Sequeira) 4’29
10. SABE TUDE (Mensah- Cetoli) 3’38
11. LUNDUM (traditional) 3’46

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Karin Mensah : lead and backing vocals
Roberto Cetoli: keyboards, wurlitzer, original adaptation , arrangement on tracks 1 and 6
Gianluca Anselmi: guitars
Massimo Rubulotta: percussion
Special guests:
Carlo Ceriani: guitars on tracks 1 and 6
Francesco Casale: additional vocal on track 1, additional percussion on tracks 1 and 9
Luca Reale: violin on tracks 2 and 10
Pier Brigo: bass on track 1
Pepito Ros: clarinet, sax soprano on tracks 4, 7 and 10

Thanks to all the musicians. Thanks to Celeste. Thanks to my family. I love you! Special thanks to my son, I recorded those songs with you and for you, I love you with all my heart.
Recorded by Roberto Cetoli - Mixed and mastered by Paolo Lovat



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